Earth 2 (Season 2)
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Earth 2 (Season Two)

Episode.One "The Needs of Devon"

Continuing their journey towards Pacifica without Devon was something that none of the group wanted to do (least Uly), but there really wasn't much choice.
On their journey, Alonzo and Julia's relationship is blossoming nicely once again, but they find their romantic candlelit dinner abruptly halted when a huge starship crash lands miles back from their location. Determined to return and look for any signs of survivors. The team return to the place of the crash, only feet from the Icy ruins that was their home for months. Uly is determined to go and re-visit his mother. While Alonzo, Julia and Bess search for survivors, Yale has a secret of his own, he tells Uly that there may be a way for Devon to survive.

Amongst the survivors, they find a man who tells them that they have been sent from Earth to rescue them, but that when they dropped out of Hyperspace they too were sabotaged and the ship destroyed. He tells them "Someone doesn't want you ever leaving this planet". However when another female survivor begins acting irrationally, Julia believes that she was the plant on the vessel. Danziger is determined that she is innocent and they agree to a committee meeting to decide what to do about her, since their only other hope of finding out the truth is through Yale (who has gone missing).

The group decide that Vanessa is innocent and she is allowed to go about her business. But when True is attacked and found unconcious, Vander (Brian Cousins) kills her determined that she was the one who sabotaged them. The group decide to take supplies from the downed crash along with them.

Meanwhile, Uly calls out and everyone comes running, Yale is dead, disassembled and Uly is holding tight of Devon Adair alive and breathing on the floor. With the help of implants from Yale's circuitry.

As the group begins their journey, Julia tells Danziger that Devon has not awoke yet, but there is no reason to think she won't. Meanwhile they decide to bury the remains of Yale's programs, knowing that to Devon he will always be the saviour of her life.

Earth 2 (Season Two)

Debrah Farentino as 'Devon Adair'
Clacy Brown as 'John Danziger'
Jessica Steen as 'Dr.Julia Heller'
Antonio Sabato Jnr as 'Alonzo Solace'
Rebecca Gayheart as 'Bess Martin'
John Gegenhuber as 'Morgan Martin'
Brian Cousins as 'Vander Green'
J.Madison Wright as 'True Danziger'
Joey Zimmerman as 'Uly Adair'