Xena: Warrior Princess (Season Five)
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Xena: Warrior Princess (Season Five)

Season Four; Retrospective.....
* Xena saved Gabrielle from death by Hope and Dahak, and Gabrielle has gone on a religious quest now.
* Xena faced Caeser and turned helped turn his men against him, forcing his men to kill him.
* Ares and Xena have drifted apart becoming more enemies that friends. Ares has told Xena that what she expected after him being her father is true.
*CLIFFHANGER; Convinced that she must follow Ares to repent for the rebirth earlier in the year, Gabrielle finds herself having to turn in on Xena. Disbanded by all who know her, Ares and Gabrielle show everyone truly what Xena is. Living in seclusion, the episode ends with Gabrielle thrown out by Ares and realising what she has done. While Xena is living in a cave, hidden from all the people she has saved.

Episode.One "Chapter of the Gods Pt.1"
Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) is furious with herself for having helped Ares to banish Xena from the land, but this time she knows that Xena will never forgive her. Meanwhile, Xena is determined somehow to prove her innocence and remembers striking a deal with Hades after she was responsible for helping save his life when a God put him on trial for his crimes (A Season 4 episode). She visits Hades and asks his help to show to the people what she is really like, but he is unable to help, since Zeus banished him to the Underworld. But he suggests that she could strike a deal with a dead god, who could show her innocence, but only one god has ever died, Callisto.

Xena is convinced into bringing Callisto back from the dead in order for her to show Xena's innocence to the people. But Callisto is not the same woman she once was, she believes that Xena deserves a favour from her, and is deeply pleased to be back alive, she supposedly "Despised the darkness and loneliness that death offered her". Callisto agrees to Xena's deal and goes through with the deal, but Gabrielle finds a bounty on her head for lieing to the people of Amphipolis. She is tracked down by the guards of the town and they imprison her. Xena goes to see her and she begs her to let her free, claiming that she was confused before.

Xena says "You were my friend once, but not for a long time now. Goodbye Gabrielle". As the episode comes to a dramatic conclusion, Gabrielle is told that she is to be executed for attempted murder on the part of Xena.

Callisto and Xena pair off, Xena is tempted to thank Callisto for her help. But she warns Xena that when they next meet, she won't be so forgiving. But in this life, Callisto has bigger fish to fry, and tells Xena that this time she's going after Ares. TO BE CONTINUED.....


Lucy Lawless as 'Xena'
Renee O'Connor as 'Gabrielle'

Kevin Smith as 'Ares'
Ted Raimi as 'Joxer'
Hudson Leick as 'Callisto'
Alexandra Tydings as 'Aphrodite'