Babylon 5 (S.6: The Return of Darkness)
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BABYLON 5 SEASON SIX (The Return of Darkness)

Episode.One "Reunions"

The year is 2264 and Capt.Elizabeth Lochley (Tracy Scoggins) in charge of the running of Babylon 5. In a quiet period, everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Minbari Ambassador, Derrell (Jeffrey Combs). Meanwhile, Lt.Commander.David Corwin (Joshua Cox) tracks a lone ship in Hyperspace when he is attacked, as his fleet begins to get picked off one-by-one, Corwin is left alone in Hyperspace, but there is something there with him.
As news of Corwin's disappearance reaches Babylon 5, Captain.Lochley sends a squadron of starfuries out to find him. Meanwhile, Security Chief.Zack Allen has become increasingly suspicious about a man who has been lurking in Downbelow. When a Lurker's body turns up in Medlab burnt to a crisp, something tells Zack that the man knows something. With the help of Ambassador.Cotto, they discover that a lone Technomage is on Babylon 5, Galen and he warns Zack that the Darkness is returning, returning soon, and this time there will be no stopping it.

In Hyperspace, Lochley (in one of the White Stars) comes under heavy attack by a ship, managing to get scanners back on line, they determine the ship is a Shadow vessel.

As a fight continues in Hyperspace, Lochley and her team moments from destruction are saved when the Shadow ship crumbles into nothing in space. One lone vessel comes on the viewscreen, with the faces of G'Kar (Andreas Katsulas) and Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman). With Lyta's increased power she was able to destruct the Shadow ship.

Back on Babylon 5, G'Kar and Lyta tell Lochley and Zack of what they have seen in space, they were heading back anyway, when they discovered Shadow and Drakh ships around the space where Z'Ha'Dum used to be located. G'Kar tells Lochley to alert Earthdome, because he suspects that the Shadows have returned for good, and they won't be too happy.

As night draws in around the inhabitants of Babylon 5, Lyta and Zack share a dinner with each other and she tells Zack that even though she wasn't gone long, she missed him.
In Lochley's quarters, she watches a vidcam from Corwin's shuttle moments before he lost transmission with B5.

In Hyperspace, we can see Corwin alive (barely) in his shuttle drifting in Hyperspace.


Tracy Scoggins as 'Captain.Elizabeth Lochley'
Jeff Conaway as 'Security Chief.Zack Allen'
Peter Woodward as 'Galen'
Carrie Dobro as 'Dureena Nafeel'

Stephen Furst as 'Vir Cotto'
Patricia Tallman as 'Lyta Alexander'
Marjorie Monaghan as 'Teresa Halloran'
Joshua Cox as 'Lt.Commander.David Corwin'
Jennifer Balgobin as 'Dr.Lillian Hobbs'
Marshall Teague as 'Ta'Lon'
Jeffrey Combs as 'Derrell'
with Andreas Katsulas as 'G'Kar'
and Peter Jurasik as 'Londo Mollari'

"The year is 2264, the year of the past. Within moments of revelation and change, our greatest nightmare returned. This time the Shadows weren't alone and would stop at nothing except the destruction of all mankind. Throughout it all, one station remained, the heart of the galaxy and the last best hope of Victoy"
"The Place; Babylon 5" - Captain.Elizabeth Lochley