The Continuing Sci-Fi Adventure stories
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Welcome to my humble homepage which is dedicated to continuing the stories of my favourite Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. All these synopsis have been created by myself (for mine and your pleasure). On my website you will find detailed synopsis of how my favourite Sci-Fi / Fantasy shows may have gone if they hadn't finished production, or how I would have liked to have seen them gone if they are still going. Along with each episode, there is an average rating that fan readers have given the episode, between 0.0 and 10.0. To submit a vote for an episode, Use the E-Mail below.

The current series that I am writing are;

Babylon 5 (Season Six - "The Return of Darkness")

Xena: Warrior Princess (Season Five)

Earth: Final Conflict (Alternative Season Two)

Earth 2 (Season Two - "The Way to Pacifica")

Star Trek: The Original Adventures (Season One)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season Eight)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season Eight)

Star Trek: Voyager (Season Six)

Star Wars (Season One)

Crusade (Season One - "Racing the Night" - Coming Soon !)

Lexx (Season Three - Coming Soon !)

and Stargate SG-1 (Season Three - Coming Soon !)

Use the Links below to access the current season synopsis' for the different series. After reading where each season is currently up to, if you have any ideals on how you would like to see the story go, please submit them to the E-Mail address opposite.

This site will be updated frequently, so keep checking back often. I'm hoping soon to have lines from the above episodes and several more pictures on the page. Atleast three new episodes will be added each week. Check the updated marker here to see whether anything new has been added since your last visit.

This Site was last Updated; 24th January 1999.